I’m sorry to do this to y’all, but I need sleep ;~;

We can continue this when I wake up, yeah?

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Yes, you are quite good at that aren’t you?

Oh you know it.


Because you’re your usual cheery self…

Would you rather me be pensive and angry all the time? I think I’ve almost perfected the brooding thing.

Morning Kisses // Owen&Gwen 


Gwen fell down in bed in full uniform. Cuffs digging in her arse as she rolled over for comfort. All of this was a bit much but everything would balance out eventually. When she’d wake up, she would change. Gwen wasn’t really giving too much of a shit what she looked like now. She was with a doctor and he really widely accepted laying in bed with a fully dress police officer until the morning came, which was nice. Very, very nice on those days she had. Running ragged, but it was Gwen and Owen time from there on out. Not Doctor Harper and PC Cooper, but Gwen and Owen itself. Two names without bothersome titles getting in the way.

Saturday, thank god for Saturdays. Thank god for assholes not committing any crimes on Saturdays cause they’re as lazy as the officers on this day. and nobody really to get hurt except a few idiots, but they were both secure in a day off.

At one point, Gwen remembered when her mother, Mary, made a passing comment saying that she did at one point sleep through a minor earthquake. This made this sight a bit more funny. Rolling over on her face, she smiled into the pillow under the feel of his lips. For being a tough man, he was very soft with her. and she had been lucky to grab him like she did for a second chance. “Mmm, mornin’ to you too, cariad” 

Owen chuckles at the pet name, happy that she’s awake, but sad of have woken her up. Leave it to Gwen Cooper to sleep through the heaviest of storms, but wake up to even the lightest touch. 

"You fell asleep in uniform again," he comments, laying his head back on his pillow as he shifts, laying on his side to face her completely, his back to the offending window and it’s stupid sunlight. "I don’t understand how you can do that. You have so much crap on your belt," he laughs, fingers reaching out to toy with the flashlight, as if to make a point.

Secretly though, Owen kind of likes it when Gwen sleeps in uniform. She’s always so adorable when she wakes up, hair pointing out in every direction, makeup smeared, but still somehow perfect, shirt no longer pressed but very crumpled and wrinkly. It’s a cute sight, and he sort of wishes he could take a photo of it. But Gwen might not like that too much.

He leans in again, pressing a lazy kiss to her lips this time. “G’mornin’.”

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See now that wasn’t hard now was it?

Easy even for you Owen…

Oh, you’re just a bag of kittens today, aren’t you?


Well obviously if I asked…

You just can’t let me have anything, can you?

Nothing, Ianto. I’ve been up to nothing. [he sighs, chuckling]

Morning Kisses // Owen&Gwen 

It had been a long night for the both of them. Owen pulling a double at the hospital because they were short staffed in the emergency room, Gwen spending her time down at the station when they needed to convert all of their physical files to the new computer system. They’d both come home in the dead of night, only to collapse on their bed, barely even taking the time to change into sleep clothes.

They hadn’t set an alarm because tomorrow is a Saturday, and they’re both off on Saturdays. But that doesn’t stop Owen from waking up early anyways, his body so used to his morning schedule.

He rubs at his eyes with the heels of his palms, willing the sunlight beaming in from the window to go the hell away. To no avail, apparently, as he glares daggers at the window coverings that they’d forgotten to close before they passed out.

Owen turns his head back, smiling softly at the sleeping form of his girlfriend bathed in the sunlight. She always manages to sleep through anything, Owen’s alarm clocks early in the morning, his shouting at her to get up, the sunlight blaring directly into her closed eyes; he’s pretty sure she’s slept through an earthquake or two as well.

He chuckles at the thought of things in their shared apartment falling down as the ground shakes them loose, and her still laying there in bed, sound asleep. Owen leans over, placing a soft kiss to her temple. He’ll never say it out loud, he’s got a reputation to uphold, but he’s kind of lucky to have ended up with her.

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Of course it does, I know everything…

Not bad. 

What have you been up to?

Wouldn’t you like to know.


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So… you finally decided to show up then?

Just ‘cause you don’t see me don’t mean I’m not ‘round, Ianto.

How’ve you been?

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